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Easy Breezy Décor Ideas

While summer is on we decided to give you fellas some cute little tips to decorate your home with the most affordable and summer apt products.
So without wasting much time let us begin with our first décor idea
  • Wooden Fencing on inward walls of balcony, well the classic dry bamboo color induces a feel of lightness and sunny day. You can add hanging creepers with pop color flowers just like this Artificial Morning Glory Creeper enhancing the bamboo fence and giving a summery feel to the balcony area. Whereas asymmetrically hanging Barrel Bonsai with bells add a quirk and playfulness to the background. To complete the look the floor is covered with Artificial Lawn Grass and wooden tea table & chair.
        • Vertical Garden Wall to the rescue, well if you don’t want to do too much to your house then you should probably go for vertical garden. They are easy to clean and stand tall and beautiful on your walls without using much space to beautify your indoors.
        • House plants could look no better than this style which displays a Japanese indoor seating with Artificial Bamboos planted in between the wooden flooring to give it more rooted look. While the Sunlight through the picture window falls like a blessing on this living room the bamboo plant makes it look like a summer outdoor seating.
        • Indoor Bamboo Plant looks rich and adds that much needed green look to any seating space. The picture below is from a house with open interior and huge windows which make your space look bigger and brighter and livelier.

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