About Us


Nature lover and interior enthusiast at soul, Mr. Pramod Kumar in 2010 launched his first brand ‘PolliNation’ to enlarge and upscale the flower business in India. In 2008, Pramod embarked on his career as a Florist and very quickly found himself drawn to artificial florals due to their longevity. He saw the challenges people faced in caring for fresh-cut flowers, as well as the disappointment people had when throwing them away, but, most of all, he noted the emptiness of a space without flowers or plants. And with that he set out to fill spaces with long-lasting, faux florals and plants. In 2011, Pramod began exclusively working with artificials and left the fresh flowers to enjoy their natural habitat.

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Pramod comes from a business family who dealt in agro fertilizer manufacturing and himself worked as fresh flower trader. His deep knowledge about living species of flora is a bliss to his business which helps him stock and collect rare & exotic species of plants and flowers, hard to find at any other faux flower whole seller. 


Managing Director

 An MBA graduate by qualification and   sales enthusiast with a knack for creativity   Mr. Shubham Kumar leads the company   sales and marketing departments with an   upbeat attitude and offers a helping hand   to every employee working under his   guidance. 

Our Pillars

Our employees are our greatest strength with most of them working with us for more than 8 years now and our new interns enjoy the friendly atmosphere making the work life feel lot more fun.

Design Team

You imagine it and they execute it with precision, it’s like they have magic in their hands. We are so glad to say this that our design team works wonder when it comes to interior decoration be it your small home balcony or landscaping over acres of land , they can do it all with perfection. 

We want you to know what motivates us.

  • Your home should be inspiring.
  • Design is all about feelings.
  • Quality is everything.
  • Unless it’s a hobby, maintenance is a hassle.
  • A space without flowers or plants is an empty space.
  • If it doesn’t get you excited, don’t buy it.